Underage Phone Sex Roleplay

underage-sexDo you like underage sex stories about older guys having sex with young girls? I love underage phone sex fantasies and even think about those whenever I am all alone just playing with myself. I like to imagine myself as an underage lolita and being used by someone older like daddy, mommy’s boyfriend, or the guy next door.

Sometimes I imagine myself as sweet and innocent and having them take advantage of my curiosity. All young girls are curious about sex! Or other times I can see myself as being the little cock tease who dresses slutty, showing off my little tits and teen ass, knowing they won’t be able to resist me. *giggle*

Some of my favorite roleplays involve daddy-daughter incest where I’m his special little fuck baby girl; or brother-sister incest where I catch my older brother masturbating; and family incest when mommy teaches me how to give a blow job to daddy.

Sometimes though I can be the girl next door who teases you; one of those naughty schoolgirls who jerk off the teacher for a better grade; or even young babysitter sex when I stay over. Any fantasy that means I get my little girl pussy played with is fun. So call me for underage phone sex roleplays. I won’t tell!

Sweet Ashley
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Naughty Babysitter Phone Sex

babysitter-sexI love naughty babysitter phone sex because this naughty babysitter loves to tease all the daddies! I wear the shortest skirts and tightest little tops possible to make sure they get a good look at my teen tits and ass. What guy hasn’t had fantasies about fucking the babysitter?

When they offer to drive the teen babysitter home, I know what’s coming! They always try to steal a quick feel of my perky tits or maybe put my hand on their cocks and ask me to play with it on the drive home. Of course I never mind doing that – or more. My hand looks so small wrapped around their big cocks! *giggle*

One of them has me sit with my back against the door and spread my legs wide for him. Since I never wear panties, he can get a good look at my young pussy. I like to stick my fingers in my little hole and rub myself to make it all juicy and then let him lick the pussy juice off my fingers.

But sometimes they’ll find an old dirt road and make a slight detour to bang the babysitter! Bouncing up and down on some big ole cock is just so naughty.

What would you do with me if I were your hot babysitter? Call me for naughty babysitter phone sex roleplays and we can play out your teen babysitter sex fantasy.

Sweet Ashley
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Young Age Play Phone Sex

young-age-playAge Play phone sex if my favorite roleplay. When I do age play, I can be any age they like with no limits, and I get be young, sweet and innocent all over again.

Okay, I showed you my boobs with my little puffy nipples…now I want what you promised me in return! *giggle*You’re not going to tell my mother, are you? She really likes you and she thinks it’s really nice of you to keep an eye on me when she has to work late. She doesn’t know that you like to look at young cuties and what a little teen tease her baby girl is, does she! Lol

If you give me a lift to the mall this weekend, I may pull down my panties for you too, and let you look at my teen pussy, just like you always beg me to do.

Who knows? I may let you touch it a little. I need money for the movies because I already spent all my allowance last weekend. You said you would pay me if I let you touch me down there…giggle.

Sweet Ashley
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Brother-Sister Incest Phone Sex

little-sister-posingMy older brother is always looking at porn and  I told him that I was going to be one of those sexy babes in those porn mags too when I get older. Without even looking up, he asked what made me think anyone would want to look at my little teen tits.

I told him that when I was centerfold that I bet lots of guys would be jerking off to my pictures and shooting cum on my tits. He just laughed and said, “Yeah? Show me what you got.”

He probably thought I would be too embarrassed to show him, but I wasn’t at all. I just slipped down my sundress and struck a pose, thrusting my small breasts forward.

I honestly think I took him by surprise, because he had a funny look on his face, seeing his little sister posing like that. About time he realized that his little sister was turning into a hot young teen.

Think I’m going to start teasing him more with my teen boobies and teen ass just to see that look on his face again. Brother fucks little sister has a nice ring to it, and besides, brother-sister incest might be fun!

Have you ever tried incest phone sex? I could be your little sister if you wanted. 😉

Sweet Ashley
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Young Teen Pussy Phone Sex

young-nude-teensI hear mommy and her boyfriend  in the next room all the time when I’m in bed at night. They’re so loud that they sound like a couple of young teens fucking. Don’t they know I can hear them?!

To be honest, it kind of turns me on. I even tiptoed outside the bedroom door once and cracked the door to peek in. He was on his back, and mommy was kneeling beside him with her mouth on his cock giving him a hot blowjob. OMG! It was standing straight up and I couldn’t believe how big it was!

I wanted to stay and watch, but was afraid of getting caught, so just went back to my bedroom and rubbed my young pussy creamy wet just thinking about his huge cock and wondering how his cum would taste.

Mom leaves for work earlier than he does in the mornings. Wonder if I should just go take her place in bed after she’s gone? Think he would notice that it’s not mommy sucking his cock, but her young teen nude daughter giving him a teen blowjob instead? *giggle*

Call me for some young teen pussy phone sex and we can pretend that you’re mommy’s boyfriend that I seduce!

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Young Teen Phone Sex

teen-slutI just turned 18 and can finally be a teen phone sex operator!

This is my brand new phone sex blog and I’ll be posting my teen sex stories soon for all my incest phone sex daddys!

I have a super young voice and an dirty mind. 18yr old phone sex, ageplay fantasies, babysitter sex, girl next door, family fun – I can’t wait to do it all! Call me for your favorite young teen fantasy.

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